THOUSANDS of people enjoyed all the fun of the fair when a town held its first carnival in decades.

Paul and Lucy Evans, of Carnival Fun Fairs, resurrected Shildon Carnival at the weekend.

Mr Evans said: “For 25 years or so people have asked us to bring the carnival back, it was one of the biggest events around back in the day.

“It took about three months of planning but I’m pleased we did it, thousands and thousands of people came. The atmosphere was amazing, it was beyond all expectations.”

A carnival had not been held in Shildon since the 1970s so Shildon Town Council was happy to allow Hackworth Park to be used as the venue.

Attractions included traditional jazz bands, vehicle displays including Eden buses, fairground rides, games and entertainment.

Shildon Mayor Peter Quinn said: “It was great, it brought the community together and there were plenty of strangers in town some of whom popped along to Locomotion. Good weather on Saturday helped and there was no bother.”

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