Carnival Funfairs North East offers traditional funfair rides for all occasions, whether you are looking to hire a single ride or several rides for a whole funfair or event. Below are some of our most popular funfair rides and fairground attractions, if the ride you are looking for is not listed, please call us and we will do our best to arrange it for you. Alternatively, if you are not sure about what rides and attractions you want, leave it to us! We have a wealth of experience in the funfair and fairground industry, indeed funfairs are our life and we can make all of the arrangements for you! Call us today on 07836 350507 / 07954 334562 or make an online enquiry.


Carnival Rides Bishop Auckland The most popular traditional ride of all! Our Olde Tyme Swing Boats will totally enhance your event as riders swish and sway through the air. This delightful corporate fun fair ride for hire from grandma's era will make your event complete, our 4 bay set of swing boats are trailer mounted and painted to the highest standard.

Swing Boats are the iconic, traditional funfair ride and were commonly seen in fairgrounds and funfairs around the country in the 19th and 20th century. A gentle swing for two, operated by the riders pulling ropes, they are the most popular of our traditional funfair rides. The Olde Tyme Swing Boats are an attraction that is loved by both young and old alike. Our Swing Boats ride both adults and children so all the family can enjoy the thrills that their parents and grandparents had in days gone by!


Funfair Games County Durham Our Deluxe Alice in Wonderland Cups and Saucer ride is the Number 1 Children’s Favourite Carousel! The Cups and Saucer ride is a classic children’s fairground ride ideal for all occasions. Designed to the highest standard and immaculately decorated to depict the timeless Lewis Carroll adventure. This ride is ideal for both children and parents alike in large tea cups.

Making tea has never been so much fun, so why not pour yourself into one of our teacups and let it stir you round like never before!


Swing Boats Bishop Auckland The fantastic Disney Funtasia Fun House – the ultimate mobile play station with its labyrinth of walkways is a true fairground funhouse which will keep the children entertained for hours on end! You can move around the Funtasia Funhouse at your own pace and enjoy the surprises and playful obstacles within.


Carnival Rides Bishop Auckland Hook a Duck is the UK’s favourite fairground attraction, although we’ve given it a twist and re-christened it ‘Hook a Bag’! Everyone young and old gets a quality prize to take home with them, from the Victorian Teddy Bear Collection to Scooby Doo.

Why not try our traditional Striker? See if you can ring the bell first time!


Climbing Wall North East Carnival Fun Fairs mobile Climbing Wall is perfect to be added to any corporate event along with our other deluxe rides.


Funfair Games County Durham Would you like to walk on water? You don't have to be a magician any more with our Water Balls! Fun for all ages and completely safe - jump into our giant water balls and run (or walk) across the water, bumping into your friends and family as you float and turn over the water. And no need to worry about getting wet - you stay completely dry!

Swing Boats Bishop Auckland Become a swan for the day with our floating Swans! An unmissable treat for the children, watch as they guide these majestic swans around the pool!


Carnival Rides Bishop Auckland Our Bungee Trampolines are a high energy, high activity attraction that is ideal for your little ones! Your child is strapped in to a specially designed safety harness and bungee ropes are secured to each side of the harness. Our trained operator then winches the bungee ropes upwards while the child starts jumping on the trampoline. The higher the bungee ropes go, the higher the child will be able to jump - as long as they can maintain momentum!

Watch with amazement as your children perform back flips and front flips!


Funfair Games County Durham Another classic, much loved by children is the Disney Cartoon Train ride. The cartoon train is decorated with your children's favourite cartoon characters.


Swing Boats Bishop Auckland Another traditional fairground ride is the Flying Chairs, also known as the Chair-o-Planes! The Flying Chairs are a focal point for any traditional funfair and is a guaranteed crowd pleaser as onlookers watch the children fly like a bird and the children experience a feeling of flying!


Carnival Rides Bishop Auckland Experience the thrill of Go Kart racing anywhere with our Go Karts which come with an inflatable track. Watch as your children race around the track with their friends and family!


Funfair Games County Durham Adult Swingboats are ideal for students and college balls - hire our Adult Swingboats and you are sure to impress your fellow students and onlookers! Our Adult Swingboats are the genuine article and they are 4 generations old. They have made many TV appearances over the years in fitting period dramas.


Swing Boats Bishop Auckland Our 6 bay Trampolines will have the children jumping for joy! The 6 trampolines are in their own enclosure and are totally safe. A big hit with children of all ages.


Carnival Rides Bishop Auckland Experience the thrill of the Meteorite and experience G-Force similar to a fighter pilot in a high g-force dive!

The Meteorite is an old favourite on the fairground. The riders are fastened inside a giant cage, when the ride reaches high velocity it lifts into the air! Strap in and hold on!


Funfair Games County Durham The Twist is a firm fairground favourite and is an ideal ride for both children and adults who want to be just a little bit scared! This ride will spin you round and shake you up but will not tip you upside down – twist and spin at super-fast speeds! This is the ideal ride for the brave among you!


Swing Boats Bishop Auckland The Miami Ride is a hugely popular, modern funfair ride. The riders sit on a bench seat that moves from side to side, up and over, and round and round. Wave your hands in the air as you spin around!


Carnival Rides Bishop Auckland Another iconic fairground ride, the Waltzer is a classic ride which is much loved by young and old. The classic Waltzer ride has been hardly changed over the years and still gives the same thrills and spills as it did many years ago.


Funfair Games County Durham The Adult Flying Chairs is one of our most classic attractions. The chairs hang and swing outward when moving as the roation makes them swing using centrifugal force. The chairs are a favourite with thrill seekers of all ages, providing an awesome mix of speed, height and air time.


Swing Boats Bishop Auckland Big Wheels are a key component for every fairground out there. They provide great fun for all the family as well as the ability to see far across the town and enjoy breathtaking views while at the top. The gondolas are well secured to allow you to fully enjoy the experience at a leisurely pace.


Funfair Games County Durham The Frog Ride is a super family attraction which is loved by people of all ages! You will be lifted, spun and bounced about! We have Adults and Junior versions of the Jumping Frog available.


Carnival Rides Bishop Auckland Without doubt the most iconic fairground ride of all time; the Carousel, or Merry-go-round as it is often called, is a true family favourite enjoyed and remembered by young and old. Always an eyecatching attraction, the Carousel with it’s galloping horses has entertained crowds at fairgrounds since the reign of Queen Victoria. Ideal Hire for Wedding Days.


Carnival Rides Bishop Auckland The juvenile version of the grand galloping horses carousel, a centre piece to any victorian themed day or celebration, and add our traditional swing boats and the event will come alive with fun fairs of yesteryear.


Funfair Games County Durham Why not go that little bit extra and make your event extra special with a Fowlers Showmans Traction Engine.


Swing Boats Bishop Auckland Dodgems (or Dodgem/Bumper Cars) are a traditional classic, loved by everyone. Powered by overhead electrical contacts, drive and crash into other drivers while having the time of your life!


Carnival Rides Bishop Auckland Always a big hit at any event, we can provide inflatable slides and bouncy castles for your events. Contact us to discuss your requirements or if you're unsure about the type of slide or bouncy castle, leave it to us!


Funfair Games North East No visit to any Fun Fair would be complete without a ride on the iconic GHOST TRAIN. Put your arm around your girl and get ready for the fright of your life into the darkness with the loud sirens and bells. The GHOST TRAIN is a must for all your corporate fun fairs and open days.


Funfair Games North East Hold on tight for a white knuckle ride of your life. This is ideal for student balls and 21st birthday parties. The G Force is something else. Extreme in name, Extreme in nature.


Carnival Rides Bishop Auckland THE HAUNTED HOUSE. A firm favourite on every travelling fair is the spooky shows, we already have the fun house with the crooked stairs, but what about the haunted house with its deadly glares, ideal for students and corporate, but this will make any Halloween party swing to the maximum.


Funfair Games County Durham
If you would like something a little different, our entertainers will provide an interactive experience at your event. We can offer you many different types of entertainers, including a first class fire eater! Just let us know what you are looking for, and if you are not sure what type of entertainer would be best for your event, leave it to us and we will make sure you get the best!

Swing Boats Bishop Auckland

All Corporate Fun Fair rides for hire are fully insured, self-contained, immaculately decorated and staffed by Police Checked Personnel. We only present the very best. All rides carry full design reviews, HSE Schedules and £10 million Public Liability.